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Written and Directed by Mark Shanahan

Off-Broadway at New World Stages

Mark Shanahan Theatre Sherlock Holmes Ebenezer Scrooge Sherlock Carol Off broadway New york Times Critic's Pick Thom Sesma Drew McVety

"Quality stuff, performed with total commitment and aplomb by a cast of top-shelf pros. The writer-director Mark Shanahan cleverly entwines Doyle’s and Dickens’s tropes until it feels like they were meant to coexist in the same pan-Victorian universe. The merger is funny, but it’s much more homage than parody. "  -- The New Yorker

Cast: Drew McVety, Anissa Felix, Thom Sesma, Dan Domingues, Isabel Keating, Mark Price.

Set: Anna Louizos

Costumes: Linda Park

Sound: John Gromada

Lighting: Rui Rita

Photos by Evan Zimmerman


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