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                                       White Heron Theatre

"Mark Shanahan, captivated by the true event, has captured this slice of  history in a fantastically fun and magical production he wrote and directs.


Steve Pacek gives a stand-out performance. Jonathan Brody nimbly plays all the other characters: yes, all! This is no mean feat when you realize this includes more than a dozen fast transitions. Shanahan’s script and direction demand perfect comedic timing and physicality, and they both deliver! 

With masterful storytelling, heartfelt themes, and extraordinary acting, See Monsters offers joyful fun and plenty of laughter. "                   --Yesterday/Today



" SURPRISINGLY DEEP!   In writer/director Mark Shanahan’s ingenious rendering, there’s more to this story than appears on the surface... It is the telling of it that cleverly, in Shanahan’s charming extrapolation, drives the play. Brody plays multiple roles – so in one 30-second scene, he switches personae five times.


Kudos are due all around for the effective, evocative staging. The folk-art-style proscenium which harbors mementos of Sarg’s handiwork; the clever, precisely- timed sound effects by Tony nominee John Gromada, who makes it seem as if there was a Foley sound-effects team working away backstage; the subtle lighting design by Christina Watanabe and Steven Zhang, who summon – with the help of Pacek’s gymnastic contortions and a bubble machine – a convincing underwater plunge.


Will Morton learn to overcome his all-enveloping anxiety and confront the rumored monster? The journey that Morton embarks on is one clearly worth taking, even for those of us who go in assuming we know how it ends."                                                                                                                                                                      -- The Inquirer & Mirror

With Steve Pacek and Jonathan Brody.

Set: Bill Clarke 

Costumes: Heidi Hanson

Lighting: Christina Watanabe and Steven Zhang

Sound Design: John Gromada

Stage Managed by Emily Roth


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