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Weston Playhouse & Cape Playhouse

"Perfectly directed by Mark Shanahan... Ridiculously funny almost need to see this show twice..."  -- Barnstable Patriot


"Directed by Mark Shanahan, benefits not only from three expert comic actors but a subtle and sophisticated production. In the hands of these three, clowning is a sophisticated art form...laugh-so-hard-you-cry."  -- Vermont Today


"Bravo, again, for utilizing the directorial talents of Mark Shanahan. The cast in Weston, as indicated, is spectacular."  -- Boston Edge


"There are too many highlights to mention...Director Mark Shanahan keeps the action going at an almost frenetic pace, getting the best performances out of his cast of three male actors."  -- Wicked Local


"Mark Shanahan makes it work in the vein of such films as Murder by Death and Clue."  

-- Cape Cod Today


"Sweetly silly...“Hound” is a happy spoof of what was once a serious piece of fiction... There is a winning, welcome playfulness among the cast."  -- New York Times



Hangar Theatre


"'The Hound of the Baskervilles" has spawned endless films, plays and competitors. But the sendup now playing at the Hangar Theatre must be one of the funniest....All three actors are excellent in their roles, pushing the physical comedy to the limit... Nimble direction by Mark Shanahan...!"    --  Ithaca Journal



"'Although the cast warns us early on that we're in for in for a frightening evening, the only danger is that some some very humor sensitive patron might laugh himself to death....  reminiscent of the sublime nonsense of the Marx Brothers. 

Domingues, Pacek, and Warren, along with inventive director Mark Shanahan are clearly knocking themselves out for us... This may not be how Conan Doyle envisioned his tale of murder on the moors, the Hangar's "The Hound of the Baskervilles" sure is a lot more fun."      -- Syracuse


“A Holmes run!....Non stop hilarity!... Mark Shanahan comments in his program note that every good actor knows that “dying is easy, comedy is hard.” He and his cast are masters of this difficult art.."  -- Syracuse New Times

“Mark Shanahan... gives it pace and shine."--

HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES  Virginia Stage and Theatre Squared


"'The show is wonderfully directed by Mark Shanahan, who has a great command of comedic timing. He uses every inch of the stage... Shanahan has created a fast and fluid production that starts with a growl and continues on at a breakneck speed. Shanahan has created some extremely wonderful moments... It’s a truly hilarious scene that left the audience rolling."    -- The Daily



"Riotously funny... Closes the season with a roar!"                                                                           -- The Flyer 



"Mark Shanahan, knows how to pull this off... This is great fun"    -- The Virginia Pilot


HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES      Virginia Stage and Theatre Squared


".With suspense, mystery, and a great deal of humor, the standout cast delivers Hound of the Baskervilles like you’ve never seen it. Under the direction of direction of director Mark Shanahan, who returns for a second season, this trio of perfectly cast actors delivers remarkable performances that will leave you laughing until curtain call."     

 -- Yesterday's Island


                                                     Hudson Stage

"Versatile and multi-talented actors Matt BanJoe Delafield, and Denis Lambert take on all the roles both seamlessly and hilariously... However, these actors do it with the utmost ease. Additionally, the actors often break the fourth wall to poke fun at the fact that they are playing multiple roles, and even to address hilarious internet criticism. The result of all these elements is a cleverly humorous night at the theatre."      -- Broadwayworld

 "Hilarious.... laugh-a-minute comedic masterpiece,Director Mark Shanahan has smartly utilized each of his actors, all of which, it should be noted, come with their share of Broadway experience, and their teamwork is not to be missed."

                                                                                                                                                           -- The Inside Press

"Not only does “The Hound of the Baskervilles” pay tribute to the British music hall and pantomime traditions from which it has sprung, it’s an ode to the power of all live theater to mysteriously turn words, sounds, movement, and material things into a captivating experience that has the potential to change the life of someone who witnesses it once, as well as the lives of those who create it night after night."    -- On Stage Blog

"In the gut-busting production of “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” now doubling over audiences at Hudson Stage there are some 20 characters on stage–but only three actors... It’s difficult at times to discern who is having more fun: The people on stage or the people in the audience. No matter. Fun it is, from beginning to end, and back again... The show is expertly directed by Mark Shanahan and smartly choreographed by Stephanie Card."  -- TapInto

"The brilliant presentation, helmed by Mark Shanahan, comes with an added (heaping) helping of sight gags, slapstick bits, and rapid-fire quick changes that make the stage show so thoroughly enjoyable and memorable... To boot, it was all expertly executed by three actors of the highest Broadway caliber: Matt Ban, Joe Delafield, and Denis Lambert. Ban (who plays Watson, among others) effortlessly exhibits a mastery in physical comedy, down on the floor at the drop of a hat, exaggerating otherwise minuscule movement, and playing with props to humorous effect."  -- The Inside Press


Florida Rep

"It’s a master class in funny...Director Mark Shanahan understands this type of humor intimately and channels that through this talented trio of actors."  -- Florida Weekly


"Shanahan takes his director's kit, turns it upside down and shakes it on the stage, determined to find every trick, laugh and giggle. Baskervilles fairly bounces with bonhomie."  -- Naples Daily News



Penguin Rep

"Sweetly silly...“Hound” is a happy spoof of what was once a serious piece of fiction... There is a winning, welcome playfulness among the cast."  -- New York Times


“Director Mark Shanahan, a veteran of Broadway’s “The 39 Steps,” has turned to veterans of previous Penguin productions to bring this madcap show to life.The Hound of the Baskervilles” entertains at the highest level."  -- Hudson Journal



New Jersey Rep

"Fluent and farcical. Mr. Shanahan gives the two-act romp a slapdash treatment on New Jersey Repertory’s pocket-size stage...Pell-mell performances... Frisky action!"  -- New York Times


"Shanahan continues to demonstrate his flair for the zany with The Hound of the Baskervilles... " -- Curtain Up


"The entire cast performs sharply to maximum comedic effect. Director Mark Shanahan has directed a difficult and complex comedy smoothly. His acclaimed production (of The 39 Steps) for the George Street Playhouse opened the same weekend as his Baskervilles opened at New Jersey Rep!"  -- Talkin' Broadway


Photos for Penguin Rep production by Pepys Studio. Photos for Florida Rep by Nick Adams Photography. Photos for New Jersey Rep by Suzanne Barabas. For The Hangar Theatre by Rachel Phillipson. Hudson Stage by Raina Fauer. For T2 Wesley Hitt , White Heron by T.Rick Jones

Cast for Cape Playhouse/Weston Playhouse: Johnathan Brody, Greg Jackson, Dan Domingues

Cast for White Heron Theatre: Joe Delafield, Mark Price, Dan Domingues

Cast for Hangar Theatre: Bruce Warren, Steve Pacek Dan Domingues

Cast for Virginia Stage / T2: Bruce Warren, Steve Pacek, Patrick Halley

Cast for Penguin Rep: Steven Hauck, Andy Prosky, David Arkema

Cast for Florida Rep: Wynn HArmon, Michael Satow, Jason Parrish 



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