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 Alley Theatre & Westport Country Playhouse

"Shanahan expertly depicts Stanhope's alcohol-induced outbursts...the Alley Theatre's cinematic production... is magnificent in every way. Without any qualification whatever, it ranks as one of their finest achievements."

-- Houston Press


"In particular, Mark Shanahan's Captain Stanhope is heart-breaking, as he subtly changes from intrepid leader to pitiful drunk." 

-- New York Theatre Scene

"Mark Shanahan is an ideal Stanhope, suggesting charisma and dashing looks stressed to the breaking point." -- The Houston Chronicle


"Mark Shanahan offers the right balance, too, as he teeters near — but not over — the edge of collapse as Captain Stanhope, the troop’s charismatic leader, battling his own demons." -- Variety


"A stellar production Shanahan, Black, Schrider, Campion, and Shropshire are the medal earners."  -- Theatermania


"A deeply affecting piece of ensemble acting... There is Captain Stanhope (Mark Shanahan), a vicar's son who drinks to excess and travels to Paris, rather than going home, when he is on leave." -- New York Times


Photos by T. Charles Erickson.



Photo by T. Charles Erickson, Alley Theatre and Westport Playhouse productions

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