Alley Theatre & Westport Country Playhouse

"Shanahan expertly depicts Stanhope's alcohol-induced outbursts...the Alley Theatre's cinematic production... is magnificent in every way. Without any qualification whatever, it ranks as one of their finest achievements."

-- Houston Press


"In particular, Mark Shanahan's Captain Stanhope is heart-breaking, as he subtly changes from intrepid leader to pitiful drunk." 

-- New York Theatre Scene

"Mark Shanahan is an ideal Stanhope, suggesting charisma and dashing looks stressed to the breaking point." -- The Houston Chronicle


"Mark Shanahan offers the right balance, too, as he teeters near — but not over — the edge of collapse as Captain Stanhope, the troop’s charismatic leader, battling his own demons." -- Variety


"A stellar production Shanahan, Black, Schrider, Campion, and Shropshire are the medal earners."  -- Theatermania


"A deeply affecting piece of ensemble acting... There is Captain Stanhope (Mark Shanahan), a vicar's son who drinks to excess and travels to Paris, rather than going home, when he is on leave." -- New York Times


Photos by T. Charles Erickson.



Photo by T. Charles Erickson, Alley Theatre and Westport Playhouse productions

Mark Shanahan in Journey's End

Mark Shanahan Journey's End Westport Country playhouse and Alley Theatre