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HAND TO GOD Alley Theatre

by Robert Askins

"It gives you permission to laugh at the most unacceptable things, and it's a profound liberation.... A tour de force of acting/puppeteering, Pacek plays it for all its worth. In fact, his performance is a master class ...  Askins has created one for the books, and director Mark Shanahan has realized it perfectly. And did I mention that it's funny?"                                                                                                         --- BroadwayWorld


"[The] joy of this show is watching Pacek, under Mark Shanahan’s physically robust direction, commandeer and give voice to Tyrone... An unexpected and squirm-inducingly funny scene between Margery and Timothy is also a slam dunk win under Shanahan’s direction... In the end, There’s great puppet sex. Like really good...No matter what you believe, it’s probably advisable to leave all kneesocks at home, just in case."

                                                               --- The Houston Press

"The Alley’s production is so strong... Steve Pacek’s performance is electric... His supporting cast is also stellar... Mark Shanahan’s direction runs the play at a frantic pace, keeping the laughter coming...He insures that what is essentially a psychological study remains firmly in the physical world — that we feel it as well as sense it.... 'Hand to God' is a remarkable piece of theatre..."

                                                                     --- Houston News

All Photos by Lynne Lane

Set Design by Kevin Rigdon, Lighting by Paul Whitakker, costumes by David Woolard

With Steve Pacek, Elizabeth Bunch, 

Emily Trask, Jay Sullivan

and Michael Brusasco

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