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                                                    Florida Rep

"British farce! It can be so difficult for us Yanks to get it right: the tone, the attitude, the inflections, the timing. In lesser productions, the lines fall flatter than a steamrolled soufflé and the show’s merely a series of missed opportunities.

But “How the Other Half Loves” at Florida Repertory Theatre shows us exactly how it should be done.

With director Mark Shanahan and a sextet of highly skilled actors, this production is a master class in how to execute this type of comedy. It’s more difficult than it looks, this breezy casualness and split-second timing. 


Mr. Shanahan knows comedy, and it shows.... With this production, Florida Rep gets it right in every way possible. "

                                                                                                     -- Florida Weekly

"...Incredible actors - they were each the most perfect fit for their characters.... absolutely one of the best shows I've seen at Florida Rep. From the brilliant acting, to the hilarious storyline... this is not a show to be missed. "

                                                                                             -- BrodwayWorld

HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES, by Alan Ayckbourn. Florida Rep, Directed by Mark Shanahan, featuring Paxton Whitehead, Faith Sandberg, Carrie Lund, Jason Parrish, Kate Hampton and Brendon Powers. Set by Ray Recht, Costumes by Emily Tardadash, Lighting by Todd Wren. Photos by Florida Rep Staff.

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