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"Shanahan is a joy to watch from start to finish. He is a chameleon, a clown and a brilliant vocal and physical comedian. In the Manners classroom scenes, he portrays all five members of the class (three boys and two girls) exceptionally well."  -- Times Record Online


"Mark Shanahan, a very grown-up Penguin Rep veteran (he was in “Women Who Steal” in 2008 and directed “The Woman in White” last year), plays all of the children but spends most of his time as the boy with the playwright’s name."   -- New York Times


"Shanahan, who directed the memorable Woman in Black at Penguin a couple of years back and appeared in last season’s Women Who Steal, breathes life into a host of characters...he scene where Patsy teaches Jeffrey to cha-cha is quite funny, as Shanahan is playing both roles, flipping from one to the other in a pas de deux that is short un."

 -- Hudson Journal


Mark Shanahan
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