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"A Christmas Carol has had many, many adaptions... 

"A Merry Little Christmas Carol"

might be the finest yet.

It's pure theatricality and invention is nothing short of brilliant.... 

Here in Mile Square's cozy theater, writer/director Mark Shanahan breathes spectacular new life into the old chestnut, creating an enchanting spectacle that truly is something special.This is an adept, polished cast clearly having fun with one another and the material. Their joy is bountiful and abundant bringing the audience more closely into the story... The creative team is top notch... The simplicity is genius!"      --Broadwayworld

Mark Shanahan's A Merry Little Christmas

"How many times would you say that story has made you laugh? Yet here it is, right in the title—”A Merry Little Christmas Carol.” This new production features five actors who take on all the classic characters, portrayed in a lighthearted—nonetheless impactful—new adaptation by Mark Shanahan."  -- HMAG

"“A Merry Little Christmas Carol” tells the story we know, but puts a happy, silly spin on the tale. The show had me laughing out loud through most of its 90 minutes and tearing up a bit at the end. Shanahan’s direction keeps the story moving briskly." -- NJARTS

Set: Charlie Corcoran, Costumes: Peter Fogel, Lights: Matt Fick, Props: Em Grossland, Movement: Steph Card Sound Sean Haggerty


"This new adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol' will leave you with tear-stained cheeks, or a sudden case of the sniffles...I’ve seen my share of Christmas Carols... This is one of the best, as enjoyable as Christmas itself... 

'A Christmas Carol: The Tale of Ebenezer Scrooge' is authentic and genuine. There’s a certain purity to it, a purity of joy and spirit... As Scrooge says to some singing children, “A Christmas carol can save your mortal soul.” So can this 'Christmas Carol.'"

  -- Florida Weekly


"Spirited and Superb!... Puts a fresh spin on a classic, much-loved Christmas tale. This world premiere, adapted from the Charles Dickens classic by Mark Shanahan, tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge in a new, captivating way... the production was beautifully smooth... It was a beautiful adaptation, and I encourage you to see it whether you've seen A CHRISTMAS CAROL previously or not, as this was quite possibly the best version of the story I've seen."

-- BroadwayWorld

Set by Charles Corcoran, Lighting by Christina Watanabe. Costumes by Alice Neff, Music by Drew Wutke, Choreography by Stephanie Card.

With Peter Thomasson, Faith Sandberg, Joe Delafield, Bruce Warren, Brendon Powers, Greg Longenhagan, Viki Boyle, Eric Shorey, The Florida Rep Education Department and the Young Company.

Photos by Neal Adams for Florida, Joe Epstein for Mile Square

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