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White Heron Theatre
By Frederick 

"Mark Shanahan’s taut direction of an excellent quintet of polished actors makes this a riveting two-hour drama…. Tony Award winner Keenan-Bolger and Broadway regular Mark Price have likely the most imposing past credentials, but it is Dan Domingues’ wily face-off with Keating’s eccentric and clever Chief Inspector Hubbard that you will remember most. Tony nominee Keating, in a role typically played by a man... adds unexpected laughs to this thriller.                                    -- Cape Cod Time


"FOR A GOOD TIME- DIAL M! Every single performer in this intimate production is superb.   As Inspector Hubbard... the marvelous Isabel Keating...  she practically levitates with excitement ...the other actors blend and support brilliantly...   I may just have to go back- with pleasure!                                                                                                                                                            --Inquirer & Mirror


"DELICIOUSLY DEVIOUS! Director Mark Shanahan’s vision pulls it all together, from his ideal casting choices to the perfect timing and spot-on blocking essential for this intricate, single-set, dialog-heavy play to succeed. And succeed it does! ... Celia Keenan-Bolger  is brilliant as Margot Wendice... Dan Domingues is the charming and ruthless Tony Wendice... Kaven Panmeechao is perfectly cast... Mark Price is fully believable ... Isabel Keating is perfect.! -- Yesterday/Today


Set by James Fenton

Lighting by Aly Docherty

Costumes by Heidi Hanson

Sound Design by John Gromada

Photos by Cary Hazelgrove

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