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THE SHAUGHRAN  Irish Repertory Theatre

"[Shanahan is} an excellent comic." -- The New York Times

"Captain Molineaux...the excellent Mark Shanahan..." --The Epoch Times

"Especially amusing are Mark Shanahan, as a stuffy but decent British officer, and Allison Jean White, as an Irish lass. The playful push-pull of their romantic scenes is the highlight of this rambunctious revival." 

-- Backstage

"Played with stalwart decency...Shanahan is quite funny as the lovesick, fair-minded officer." -- Deseret News

"Mark Shanahan is delightful as the young English officer."

 -- Wolf Entertainment Guide

"Best of all are the love-hate-hate-love scenes between Shanahan, who gets to impersonate an Englishman smitten against his officer's judgment with the sister of the man he's pursuing." -- Theatremania


"The excellent Mark Shanahan and Alison Jean White as Harry Molyneux and Claire Ffolliott. These two performers do a great job... The result is that the scenes that Shanahan and White share are the highlights of the evening, combining the kind of breathless “will they, won’t they” love affair of their characters, with a broader, more self-aware style that is hilarious." -- NY Theatre


The Shaughran
The Shaughran
The Shaughran
The Shaughran

Photos by Carol Rosegg.

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