TOM JONES  Florida Studio Theatre

"Boy, did the opening-night audience laugh. Director Mark Shanahan (a sure-handed veteran of several Brown comedies) pushed all the right buttons. The safety bar came down, and the ride was on." 

-- The Observer


"Author Mark Brown and director Mark Shanahan put a theatrical spin on how it’s told in the fun but silly world premiere in Florida Studio Theatre’s Gompertz Theatre. This is “Tom Jones” in the tongue-in-cheek spirit of Monty Python...The pace is quick, the jokes breeze by, and if you miss one or two, there’s another coming right up." -- Herald Tribune


"If Florida Studio Theater has staged a more riotous romp than Tom Jones, I haven’t seen it."  -- Total Theater


"The entire cast, directed by Mark Shanahan, is outstanding."  

-- Bradenton Herald

Mark Shanahan

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