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"Andrea Maulella and Mark Shanahan supply expert performances."

-- The New York Times


"Maulella and Shanahan give awe-inspiring performances... [They] could act out the phone book and they'd still mesmerize."  -- Backstage

 "A crack cast... with Brancato's crisp direction... Shanahan constantly keeps the audience guessing. Is he pathetically demented or a menacing psycho?" -- NY1


"Shanahan put me in mind of Richard Burton on the cusp of middle age and dissolution." -- Aisle Say


"Mark Shanahan displays a vulnerable core in George that he fights to keep controlled within his template of heartlessness." -- Curtain Up


"In the hands of Shanahan, the tale shines like a copper penny." 

-- The Usher Nonsense


Irish Repertory Theatre Mark Shanahan Theatre

"Shanahan plays his part as a rat whose natural habitat is the gutter." -- Theatremania


"Mark Shanahan’s honey-tongued George is irresistible. It’s as astonishing an acting turn as it is surgically deft dramaturgy." 

-- Woman Around Town


"The emotional dance is compelling thanks to the passion in the performances. Shanahan makes a dynamic seducer...First Rate Actors." -- Wolf Entertainment Guide


"Mark Shanahan plays George Love with zeal. The actors subtly and expertly provide convincing hope their characters can transcend...their unfortunate circumstances." -- The Associated Press

"In the company's revival of The Shaughran, he was a standout as Captain Molineaux, a role he carried off with grace and style. If Shanahan was heroic in the Shaugraun, he's openly villainousin Tryst." -- The Irish Echo

Tryst Merrimack

TRYST  Westport Country Playhouse

  CTC AWARD Nominee, Best Actor

“Mark Shanahan steps into the role of George Love as if with a hot branding iron. He burns his character deep into your thoughts, until you know you will never forget this character, this actor… Quite simply, he is terrific." -- Trumbull Times


""Mark Shanahan hits all the right notes." -- Norwalk News


"The actor, so good in Journey's End at The Playhouse, here let's us know at the outset what a conniving , prideful villain he is. He reaches an apogee, when, turning on a dime, he exposes George's vulnerability." -- The Hour

TRYST  Merrimack Repertory Theatre

  IRNE AWARD Nomination, Best Actor

“Mark Shanahan and Andrea Maulella deliver such commanding performances, many in the audience were unwilling to move during intermission...Shanahan’s performance is spellbinding." -- The Theatre Mirror


"George Love, played by the mercurial Mark a charmer — professionally so." -- Boston Globe


Tryst - Hartford TheatreWorks

TRYST  Alley Theatre

"Shanahan is haunting as Love, a mysterious, erotic dream of a man. He is passionate in every move -- his hands grip the world with white knuckles...Shanahan's Love reads women with the blade of his slicing intuition, ready to cut up whatever gets in his way. He is the worst sort of addiction...the production is the best theater can offer." -- The Houston Press


"Mark Shanahan fully inhabits the driven, wily smooth-talking con man..." -- Houston Chronicle


Mark Shanahan Hartford Theatre Works

"Shanahan... is always a welcome presence onstage, but he gives a particularly clever and challenging performance here."  -- The New York Times


"As played winningly by Shanahan, the narcissistic bounder...see-saws between sympathetic rogue, to man of conscience, to a kind of Sweeney Todd.-- Hartford Courant

"Shanahan gives us a Love who is sly and implacable, a force of nature who takes what he wants...However, there is a backstory, a reason why his character is the way he is, and Shanahan, with emotive eyes and a strong physical presence, slowly reveals the tortured soul that lies beneath the conniving surface." -- CT Theatre News


"One of the Year's Outstanding Stage Artists." -- The Berkshire Eagle


"Mark Shanahan is hypnotizing, charming, and scary." -- WMNR Fine Arts Radio


"Mark Shanahan's George is cleverly cunning and slyly despicable." -- Middletown Press


"Truly superb acting...Shanahan is a perfect pick for his character." -- The Day


"Shanahan very believably conveys George's confidence and bravura, while at the same time subtly revealing the toll that time and disillusionment have taken on the con man." -- The Examiner


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